Five Themes

1 / Presentation of the castle, its outbuildings and the medieval village

2/ Exploration and analysis of the remaining architectural elements

3/ Geology: survey of Bouzols’ soil and materials used during the different constructions

4/ Geography: study of the cultural landscape offered by the Loire Valley at Coubon and its evolution through the ages

5/ Legal, economic and social history of the diocesan barony in Bouzols under the Old Regime

Ongoing creation of an identity card of the fortress in partnership with the city council of Le Puy-en-Velay and the county council of Haute-Loire

Name: Château de Bouzols

Periods: Between the 11th and 16th centuries and 19th century restoration of the dwellings

Architectural styles: Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance

Materials: Volcanic breccia, basalt, arkose

Classification: listed as a historic monument (1926 and 2015)

Interesting features: Built at 800 meters above sea level on a volcanic rock (neck), the fortress holds a strategic position which allows it to monitor the course of the Loire and the accesses south of Le Puy. It was named “The Velay’s sentinel facing the Vivarais” by scholars in the 19th century.